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Pulls from the sea
Can't be killed or attacked
Common Biomes
Coral Reef
Wilson Portrait.png
I'm a sucker for this guy.


Willow Portrait.png
He looks kinda dozy.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Strong creature! Give Wolfgang many good things!


Wendy Portrait.png
I envy his contentment.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
He is the center of this ecosystem.


Woodie Portrait.png
How you holding up out here, guy?


Waxwell Portrait.png
I could use his generosity to my advantage.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
He seems öpen tö bartering.


Webber Portrait.png
It looks friendly.


Walani Portrait.png
You seem chill.


Warly Portrait.png
Try not to think about his delicious tentacles...


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Ahoy, ye salty dog!


The Yaarctopus can be found in one of the Coral Reefs that generally spawn in an Ocean (Shallow) biome. He is found lying on a Coral Rock wearing an eyepatch, a small pirate hat, an earring on the side of his head, and a wooden pegleg on one of his tentacles. He is immune to any damage and cannot be attacked. He is the Shipwrecked equivalent to the Pig King.

During the day, the player may trade any Fishes, Trinkets, and certain Fish Crock Pot recipes with the Yarrctopus in exchange for an Octopus Chest. After handing in one Item, the Yaarctopus will fall asleep for the rest of the remaining day and cannot again be traded with until he wakes up. The Yaarctopus will shake its head when the player attempts to trade items other than fish or trinkets. The Yaarctopus was added to shipwrecked as an equivalent to the pig king. However since he can only be traded once a day and he is usually found the on outskirts, as well as instead of gold he gives dubloons he is not as good the pig king unless you have a really good stream of fish crockpot foods for boat parts and other things.

Dubloons.png Exchange Rates

For each Fish given the chest will always contain one Dubloon in addition to one of Seaweed (38.46%), Seashell (23.08%), Coral (23.08%), Blubber (7.69%) or Shark Fin (7.69%). If it has not already been obtained and Woodlegs is not unlocked, there is also a chance that the chest will contain the Golden Key (10.00%).

For each Trinket the chest will only contain a certain number of Dubloons. Trinket values are as follows:

Item Dubloon Value
Old Boot.pngLicense Plate.pngWine Bottle Candle.png
Orange Soda.pngVoodoo Doll.pngSecond-hand Dentures.png
Brain Cloud Pill.pngToy Boat.pngUkulele.png
Ball and Cup.pngGord's Knot.pngMelty Marbles.pngTiny Rocketship.png
Frazzled Wires.pngGnome.pngLying Robot.png
Ancient Vase.pngBroken AAC Device.pngFake Kazoo.pngSextant.png
One True Earring.pngDessicated Tentacle.pngHardened Rubber Bung.pngMismatched Buttons.png

In addition to one Dubloon he will also give Boat related items when certain Crock Pot food is given:

Inventory slot background.pngCalifornia Roll.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngThatch Sail.png
Inventory slot background.pngSeafood Gumbo.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngCloth Sail.png
Inventory slot background.pngBisque.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngTrawl Net.png
Inventory slot background.pngJelly-O Pop.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngSea Trap.png
Inventory slot background.pngCeviche.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngSpyglass.png
Inventory slot background.pngSurf 'n' Turf.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngBoat Lantern.png
Inventory slot background.pngLobster Bisque.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngPirate Hat.png
Inventory slot background.pngLobster Dinner.pngYaarctopus Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngBoat Cannon.png

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • His name is a portmanteau of "Yarr" (a pirate's phrase) and "octopus".

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • It may happen that a Coral spawns right on top of the Yaarctopus. This doesn't hinder the player to turn in fish but can affect the spawning of the Octopus Chest.

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