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Wetter than water itself.


Meter filling during rain

Wetness is a game mechanic introduced in the Reign of Giants DLC, also appears in Shipwrecked DLC.

Whenever the player gets wet, a small meter will appear under the other three meters, showing the player's current 'wetness'. Except for WX-78, wetness will not directly damage the player's Health. When the Wetness meter reaches 35, held items will become slippery, items become less efficient, worn items drain Sanity, and the player will begin to Freeze. The meter empties as the player dries, and once the player is completely dry, the meter will disappear.

Causes of wetness

Wet Items

Wet inventory.png

The wetness of an item depends on the wetness of the player when it's in their inventory and on that of the world otherwise. Items in waterproof containers will always be dry. An item's wetness is seen by a blue outline around it in the inventory. The text also becomes blue. Wet structures and environmental objects like trees become darker when wet. An item can be kept dry by being stored in a waterproof container, such as a Chest, Piggyback, or Krampus Sack. Items can also be dried faster by placing them next to a fire. Items and objects that become wet will become titled as followed with following effects:

  • "Wet X": Most items and objects. Wet Mobs take more damage from being hit with electric (like Morning Star and Electric Dart).
  • "Collapsed X": Rabbit Hole.
  • "Soaked X": Non water-resistant Clothes (like the Garland). Wearing soaked Clothes reduces 6 sanity per minute per item.
  • "Water-Logged X": Fuel. Water-Logged Fuel burn 75% as long as dry Fuel.
  • "Slippery X": Tools and weapons. Slippery tools have a chance to slip out of grip when used.
  • "Soggy X": Foods. Soggy food spoils 30% faster.
  • "Very X": Wet Goop.

Ice melting in the inventory will increase wetness, and so will wearing an Ice Cube or Fashion Melon.


Example of a wet mob, in this case, Chester.

Wetness lowers the thermal sensation of the player. At maximum wetness, the ambient temperature is perceived to be 30 degrees lower and proportionally for other values (for example, at half wetness the temperature is perceived to be 15 degrees lower). If the perceived temperature falls below 0 degrees, the player begins to freeze. For tips on surviving Freezing, please go to the appropriate page.

The player can dry themselves out faster by standing next to a fire. The rate of wetness can also be decreased, but not stopped, by standing under a Tree (including Birchnut Trees). This will decrease the amount of time waiting to lose the 'Wet' status. Standing under a Tree grants 40% Water Resistance. Using the Luxury Fan on the player can dry them, however, this costs the player a large amount of heat, as it can decrease a user's heat down 15%.

The best way to keep wetness low during Spring is to wear some Water Resistant gear. These items decrease the rate at which the player gets wet, and having more than one of them equipped provides a cumulative bonus. The character stops getting wet when 100% water resistance is achieved, so the player will want to wear a combination of them that doesn't surpass 100% by too much. When 100% water resistance is achieved, any wetness previously had will start to lower until the player becomes completely dry.

Water Resistant Items
Item Water Resistance Slot
Battle Helm.png Battle Helm Reign of Giants icon.png 20% Head
Beefalo Hat.png Beefalo Hat 20% Head
Beekeeper Hat.png Beekeeper Hat 20% Head
Breezy Vest.png Breezy Vest 20% Chest
Fashion Melon.png Fashion Melon Reign of Giants icon.png 20% Head
Football Helmet.png Football Helmet 20% Head
Miner Hat.png Miner Hat 20% Head
Pirate Hat.png Pirate Hat Shipwrecked icon.png 20% Head
Shelmet.png Shelmet 20% Head
Spiderhat.png Spiderhat 20% Head
Straw Hat.png Straw Hat 20% Head
Summer Frest.png Summer Frest Reign of Giants icon.png 20% Chest
Top Hat.png Top Hat 20% Head
Windbreaker.png Windbreaker Shipwrecked icon.png 20% Chest
Bee Queen Crown.png Bee Queen Crown Don't Starve Together icon.png 20% Head
Blue Funcap.png Blue Funcap Don't Starve Together icon.png 20% Head
Green Funcap.png Green Funcap Don't Starve Together icon.png 20% Head
Red Funcap.png Red Funcap Don't Starve Together icon.png 20% Head
Desert Goggles.png Desert Goggles Don't Starve Together icon.png 20% Head
Torch.png Torch Don't Starve Together icon.png 20% Hand
Horned Helmet.png Horned Helmet Shipwrecked icon.png 35% Head
Pretty Parasol.png Pretty Parasol Reign of Giants icon.png 50% Hand
Tropical Parasol.png Tropical Parasol Shipwrecked icon.png 50% Hand
Rain Hat.png Rain Hat Reign of Giants icon.png 70% Head
Snakeskin Hat.png Snakeskin Hat Shipwrecked icon.png 70% Head
Snakeskin Jacket.png Snakeskin Jacket Shipwrecked icon.png 70% Chest
Werebeaver.png Werebeaver Don't Starve Together icon.png 70% Beard
Umbrella.png Umbrella 90% Hand
Blubber Suit.png Blubber Suit Shipwrecked icon.png 100% Chest
Dumbrella.png Dumbrella Shipwrecked icon.png 100% Head
Eyebrella.png Eyebrella Reign of Giants icon.png 100% Head
Rain Coat.png Rain Coat Reign of Giants icon.png 100% Chest

As the table shows, wearing a Rain Coat or Eyebrella will be enough to prevent the player from getting wet, making them the best items to survive Spring's rain.


  • While most consumables become a 'Soggy X', the Wet Goop becomes 'Very Wet Goop' when it gets wet.