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The Culinarian
"Nothing worthwhile is ever done on an empty stomach!"
Has a refined palate
Cooks in custom kitchenware
Brings a stylish chef pouch
Hunger Modifier
Special Item(s)
Portable Crock Pot.pngChef Pouch.png
Starting Item(s)
Portable Crock Pot.pngChef Pouch.png
A masterpiece takes time.


Warly is a playable character added in the shipwrecked DLC, and is available to all players in ‘’Don’t Starve Together’’. Warly is the ninth character to be unlocked via Experience, requiring 2560 XP to become available.

In Don't Starve (single player), Warly begins the game with a Portable Crock Pot that lets him cook exclusive recipes, and a Chef Pouch that allows him to keep food for longer than normal. Warly gets hungry 33% faster than normal, but he has a maximum Hunger of 250 to make up for it. Warly's chef background and appetite in French cuisine means he dislikes raw or cooked ingredients, preferring and having more benefits from Food cooked in a Crock Pot. Warly also likes some variety to his daily meals, and suffers penalties if he eats the same foods within 1.7 days, reducing their effectiveness. Overall, Warly's perks are suited for a nomadic playstyle, and aim to add some variety to the players' culinary choices.

Warly received numerous changes when added to Don't Starve Together. He gets hungry 20% faster than most characters (down from 33%), and can only eat food cooked in a crockpot. In addition, his penalties for eating the same foods is increased from 1.7 days to 2 full days. He has the ability to craft a Chef Pouch, additional Portable Crock Pots, a Portable Seasoning Station, and a Portable Grinding Station. The Chef Pouch is usable by any character, but the other items are only usable by Warly. Several new exclusive recipes are available for Warly to cook as well. This includes several from single player Don't Starve, but not all of them. They are: Potato Souffle, Dragon Chili Salad, Monster Tartare, Fresh Fruit Crepes, Bone Soup, Moqueca, Fish Cordon Bleu, Volt Goat Jelly, Glow Berry Mousse, and Nightmare Pie.

Portable Crock Pot.png Special Power

Main article: Portable Crock Pot

Warly starts out with a Portable Crock Pot which cooks food identically to a normal Crock Pot, and can cook special food items : Sweet Potato Souffle, Monster Tartare, Fresh Fruit Crepes, and Mussel Bouillabaise. The Portable Crock Pot can be carried around and placed at any time, meaning that he does not have to build a Crock Pot in order to cook his meals. In addition, his Chef Pouch makes Food items placed inside it last twice as long, making it decently easy to feed him. He can also craft it with 1 Cloth and 1 Rope.

Warly cooking all four of his unique dishes in Portable Crock Pots.

Warly gains 33% more Hunger, Health, and Sanity from Crock Pot meals, letting him regain more Health and Sanity than other Characters from those meals. If the food reduces any of these attributes, the amount is decreased by 33% instead.


In addition to a 33% faster hunger drain, Warly gains only 70% of the Hunger, Sanity, and Health from raw foods, 80% from dried foods, and 90% from foods cooked over fire. If the food has negative effects on these attributes, the effect is increased by 30%, 20% and 10% respectively instead. Ideally, his food should always be cooked in a Crock Pot, which can take valuable time depending on what was cooked.

Additionally, Warly likes variety in his diet. He remembers all food items eaten for 1.75 days since the last time they are eaten; if he eats the Food items that he remembers eating, he only gains a percentage of his normal Hunger, Sanity, and Health granted by the Food Item, while the negative effects are amplified by the same percentage. The percentage depends on how many times the food item is eaten before it is forgotten. First repetition of the food item applies 10% penalty, the second 20%, the third 35%, the fourth 50% and finally the fifth repetition applies 70% penalty on the food values. Any further repetitions do not increase this penalty.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Since the penalty for eating the same meal in a row goes away after 1.75 Days, Warly can just keep eating Meaty Stews or Fresh Fruit Crepes without changing his diet, since those meals give enough Hunger points for 2 Days.
  • Since Crock Pot meals give more than normal meals, cooking nearly everything in a Crock Pot will help, despite the time it takes to cook the food.
  • The variety penalty is applied multiplicatively with other penalties, for example he'll only gain 64% of the benefits from the second time if he eats two of the same dried item.
  • While the Chef Pouch ingredients require Science Machine to prototype, they are also possible drops from Hammering Crates, making it possible to create additional Chef Pouches without a Science Machine.
  • Holding any food items in the Chef Pouch can make food last longer, which is ideal on journeys for food.
  • If the Portable Crock Pot is not needed for a time, it can be used as a temporary marker on the map.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Warly's voice is played by a steel drum.
  • Warly was added in the Eye of the Tiger Shark update for Shipwrecked. He was the second Character to be added to the DLC during its Early Access phase.
    • Before being implemented he was known as Wastien in the game's speech files.
  • Warly speaks some French, whenever eating something made in a Crock Pot he says "Magnifique".
  • His old nickname was "The Chef", and his old motto was "Bon appétit!"
  • Warly seems to be superstitious, as suggested from inspecting the umbrella item: "I will try to remember not to open indoors." This is also evidenced by him saying, "I hope it does not rain after I kill you!" when attacking a spider.
  • Warly is probably New Caledonian, judging by his skin tone and French influence.
  • Warly may have been through a stage of poverty during his life, as when examining the Rain Hat, he states that it's "better than a newspaper."
  • In the game files, the code for the Coffee recipe is seen in Warly's file, meaning that at one point coffee was intended for Warly only.
  • Like most other characters, Warly, when struck by lightning has bones shown in his hair.
  • Warly says in his examination quote of the boomerang that he has separation anxiety. Poor childhood or taken from his parents at an early age are common triggers for this form of anxiety.

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