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Turfs of the world by dominance: left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
Wilson Portrait.png
A chunk of ground.

Wilson, when examining Forest turf

Willow Portrait.png
The ground is boring.

Willow, when examining Forest turf

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Step stones.

Wolfgang, when examining Forest turf

Wendy Portrait.png
Some ground.

Wendy, when examining Forest turf

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Forest turf

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
The ground. You step on it.

Wickerbottom, when examining Forest turf

Woodie Portrait.png
Some ground.

Woodie, when examining Forest turf

Waxwell Portrait.png
Smells like mud.

Maxwell, when examining Forest turf

Wigfrid Portrait.png
A piece öf the battlefield.

Wigfrid, when examining Forest turf

Webber Portrait.png
Some pretty average earth.

Webber, when examining Forest turf

Walani Portrait.png
Keeps me grounded.

Walani, when examining Forest turf

Warly Portrait.png
It's like an ingredient for the ground.

Warly, when examining Forest turf

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Me ain't no ground lubber.

Woodlegs, when examining Forest turf

Winona Portrait.png
That's a chunk of ground.

Winona, when examining Forest turf

Turfs are Items that represent the chunks of a Biome's soil. Most ground tiles can be dug up using a Pitchfork to acquire a Turf item and reveal the bare ground underneath. This excludes Roads/Trails and Sticky Webbing. A player can use a pitchfork to destroy Runic Turf (and place another turf), but not harvest it.

Wilson with a Pitchfork and tile digging indicator visible.png

Each type of Biome produces a different Turf item when dug up (see below). Turf items can be placed on bare dirt tiles to change the ground's appearance. Digging up the ground in a Biome has no effect on the creatures residing there.

Turf can be used as fuel in all structures except the Night Light, and cannot be used as fertilizer.

Natural Turfs

These items are naturally generated above-ground in a world, and are all obtained by using a Pitchfork (except for Sticky Webbing, which cannot be obtained).

Item Forest Turf.png Grass Turf.png Marsh Turf.png Rocky Turf.png Savanna Turf.png Deciduous Turf.png Sandy Turf.png Jungle Turf.png Magma Turf.png Meadow Turf.png Tidal Marsh Turf.png
Name Forest Turf Grass Turf Marsh Turf Rocky Turf Savanna Turf Reign of Giants icon.pngDeciduous Turf Reign of Giants icon.pngSandy Turf Shipwrecked icon.pngJungle Turf Shipwrecked icon.pngMagma Turf Shipwrecked icon.pngMeadow Turf Shipwrecked icon.pngTidal Marsh Turf
Biome Forest Grasslands Marsh Rockyland Savanna Reign of Giants icon.pngDeciduous Forest Reign of Giants icon.pngDesert Shipwrecked icon.pngJungle Shipwrecked icon.pngMagma Field Shipwrecked icon.pngMeadow Shipwrecked icon.pngTidal Marsh

Cave Turfs

These items are naturally generated in the Caves of a world, and are obtained by using a Pitchfork.

Item Mud Turf.png Guano Turf.png Slimey Turf.png Fungal Turf.png Cave Rock Turf.png
Name Mud Turf Guano Turf Slimey Turf Fungal Turf Cave Rock Turf
Biome Near Sunken Forest Rocky Plains & Stalagmite Biome Near Sunken Forest Mushtree Forest Rocky Plains & Stalagmite Biome

Volcano Turfs

These items are naturally generated in the Volcano of a Shipwrecked DLC Shipwrecked icon.png world, and are obtained by using a Pitchfork.

Item Ashy Turf.png Volcano Turf.png
Name Shipwrecked icon.png Ashy Turf Shipwrecked icon.png Volcano Turf

Craftable Turfs

These items are typically easier to craft than to find throughout the world, as they appear only under specific circumstances, but if found, they can be obtained from the ground by using a Pitchfork.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, craftable Turfs will not spawn Puddles. Tides and expanding Puddles can still flood crafted Turfs, however.

Item Wooden Flooring.png Road Turf.png Carpeted Flooring.png Checkerboard Flooring.png Snakeskin Rug.png Scaled Flooring.png
Name Wooden Flooring Cobblestones Carpeted Flooring Checkerboard Flooring Shipwrecked icon.pngSnakeskin Rug Don't Starve Together icon.pngScaled Flooring

Dominance Order

Turfs have a priority rating regarding the way they overlap. For instance, a Carpeted Flooring turf will always be "dominant" over a Checkerboard Flooring turf (when the two are laid next to each other), and its design will take up some space on the Checkerboard tile. This has no impact on the properties of either turf used, but can make a big difference visually.

The following list starts with most dominant turf, going to the least dominant:

One Marsh Turf surrounded by eight Sandy Turfs. The Sandy Turf is dominant, so the Marsh Turf is smaller.
One Sandy Turf surrounded by eight Marsh Turfs. Again, the Sandy Turf is dominant and larger, despite there being only one.

Map Scroll.png References

  1. Note that there is currently no way to compare the Scaled Flooring to any of the Shipwrecked DLC Turf.