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Template-info.svg Documentation The documentation below is transcluded from Template:Pic/doc. (edit | history)
Gears.png This is a high risk template.
Please think carefully before alternating any codes, so as to avoid large-scale disruption.
Any changes to this template should first be tested in its /sandbox. Thanks!
Adds a picture using minimal code

Place {{Pic|size|picture}} onto a page. The picture will appear on the page resized to have the width of <size>.

Additionally, provide a link if it differs from the picture name: {{Pic|size|picture|link}}. The link can be internal (an article name) as well as external (URL).

Sample output

{{Pic|56|Maxwell}} gives Maxwell.png

{{Pic|24|PickSlashAxe|Pick/Axe}} gives PickSlashAxe.png