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Telelocator Staff
Telelocator Staff.png
"Bend space! Time bend sold separately."
Nightmare Fuel.png × 4Living Log.png × 2Purple Gem.png × 2
Icon Magic.png
Shadow Manipulator.png
-50 (per use)
5 Uses
Ornate Chest.png x1

Ancient Pseudoscience Station.png (Hammer.png)

Stacks up to
Does not stack
Wilson Portrait.png
It can show me the world.


Willow Portrait.png
It's quite a rush to use.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
It gives me a headache.


Wendy Portrait.png
I could escape if it were more powerful.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
The gem appears to focus the nightmare fuel.


Woodie Portrait.png
I wonder what this thing does.


Waxwell Portrait.png
Magic can do amazing things, when funneled through the right channels.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
I ride thröugh the air and the sea!


Webber Portrait.png
It makes my brain feel fuzzy.


Walani Portrait.png
It shows me things I never knew I could see.


Warly Portrait.png
Let us take a trip. I am not picky as to where.


Woodlegs Portrait.png
I prefer a fast ship and th'wind at me back.


The Telelocator Staff is a magical item created from the Magic tab. It requires a Shadow Manipulator to prototype, and costs 2 Living Logs, 4 Nightmare Fuel, and 2 Purple Gems to craft. The Telelocator Staff has 5 uses. Each use costs 50 Sanity.

Icon Tools.png Usage

The Telelocator Staff is used to teleport the player or Mob (including Bosses) to a random location on the map. When used on a mob, Lightning will strike the mob where it was standing before being teleported (possibly setting it on fire) and it will begin to Rain. When used on the player, lightning will strike them at the location used and also at the location they are teleported to (potentially causing fires both times), and it will also begin to rain.

Using a Telelocator Staff in Caves will not teleport the target (even if a Telelocator Focus was built underground), but will cause Rocks and Gems to fall at the location where the spell was used (similar to an Earthquake). Note that falling Minerals can cause damage to players and mobs. 

Telelocator Focus.png Telelocator Focus

If the player built a Telelocator Focus in the world and stocked it with three Purple Gems, the Telelocator Staff will teleport its target to the point at which the focus is placed instead of to a random location. This consumes the gems.

The player can use the Telelocator Focus to teleport to a base after a long trip or quickly travel from one end of the world to another.

Note that since it is currently not possible to teleport to or within a cave, building one of these in a cave is just a waste of resources.

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content

In the Reign of Giants DLC, when using the Staff on a mob, lightning may strike the player instead. WX-78 will always be hit, even when standing next to a Lightning Rod (causing both the character and the rod to be struck).

In the Shipwrecked DLC, aquatic Mobs cannot be teleported.

Spear.png Strategy

The Telelocator Staff can be used to provide a quick escape for the player, to teleport enemies away from the player (including bosses like Deerclops), to commence Rain at will (particularly useful during Summer), or to activate WX-78's SYSTEM OVERLOAD perk on demand. When self-teleporting, this may leave the player lost, as the destination will be random unless a Telelocator Focus has been placed and charged, so using the staff this way may be risky. If the player teleports to a densely flammable area, the effects of the lighting can cause large amounts of damage.

WX-78 can activate his SYSTEM OVERLOAD by either casting the spell on himself or by casting on any mob, regardless of whether a Telelocator Focus has been crafted or not. It is worth noting that the beneficial effects of multiple strikes will not stack, only the sanity loss will. If casting on oneself, however, a player is able to negate the effects of the second strike by equipping insulated clothing such as the Rain Coat or the Eyebrella (provided this is done fast enough). The Telelocator Staff can provide WX with enormous benefit, it is always recommended, however, to have protection from the rain which will follow (unless used during Winter) and means of restoring lost sanity.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The word "Telelocator" defines something which is able to locate at a distance.
  • When using the staff, any followers the player had at the moment (including Chester) will teleport off-screen near the player's teleported location.
  • The Telelocator Staff used to be a Gemology Tab item.

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