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Telelocator Focus
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"Just add gems."
Nightmare Fuel.png × 4Living Log.png × 4Gold Nugget.png × 8
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Shadow Manipulator.png
Used to control the randomness of the Telelocator Staff

The Telelocator Focus is a magic structure used to control the randomness of the Telelocator Staff. It requires a Shadow Manipulator to prototype, and costs 4 Nightmare Fuel, 4 Living Logs, and 8 Gold Nuggets to craft.

The Telelocator Focus has three posts for the placement of three Purple Gems in order to activate it. When the Telelocator Staff is used on the player or mob, they will immediately be transported to the center of the nearest activated Telelocator Focus. The three Purple Gems will be consumed and must be replaced before the Telelocator Focus can be used again. The Gems can also be removed from the posts to deactivate the Telelocator Focus.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Enemies that are transported can be set on fire from the lightning strike and will quickly spread the fire anywhere they go. Creating walls around the Telelocator Focus will prevent this from happening, but placing a Lightning Rod near the Telelocator Focus will make this a non-issue altogether. 
  • A good location to place the Telelocator Focus is in the middle of a Tooth Trap field.
  • Deerclops will likely destroy the Telelocator Focus after being teleported.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Telelocator Focus was officially introduced in the Hungry for your Hunger update. It was previously implemented into the game without the sockets and with unlimited uses.
  • The Telelocator Focus used to be a Gemology Tab item.

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