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"Move the ground around."
Twigs.png × 2Flint.png × 2
Icon Tools.png
Science Machine.png
200 uses
Digs up turfs
Stacks up to
Does not stack
Wilson Portrait.png
Maxwell might be looking for this.


Willow Portrait.png
Three times the pointiness.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Reminds me of childhood.


Wendy Portrait.png
What a devilish tool!


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Its design is effective at loosening earth.


Woodie Portrait.png
This really isn't my style.


Waxwell Portrait.png
The tool of choice for perfectionists.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
A weapön för farmers.


Webber Portrait.png
A good tool to play in the dirt.


Walani Portrait.png
Looks like some kind of trident.


Warly Portrait.png
Proper farm gear.


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Can I be diggin' treasures wit' this?


Wilson holding a Pitchfork.

Wilson with a Pitchfork and tile digging indicator visible.

The Pitchfork is a Tool used for digging up Turfs. It requires 2 Twigs and 2 Flint to craft and a Science Machine to prototype.

Icon Tools.png Usage

Once the Pitchfork is equipped, a square outline will appear on the ground showing the patch that the cursor is hovering over, along with a prompt. Right-clicking will dig up the outlined terrain, leaving a barren patch in its place. Turf items can only be placed on this sort of barren terrain. 

The Pitchfork has 200 uses meaning each time it digs up a turf, it will lose 0.5% durability. It can also be used as a weapon which deals 17 damage but suffers higher durability loss per hit (4%). 

A Turf's instant availability and decent fuel value, coupled with the Pitchfork's high durability and speed, makes Turfs one of the easiest options for fueling Campfires and Fire Pits. Turfs are not renewable, however.

Dug up Turf can be replaced with other kinds of Turfs (e.g. Wooden Flooring). This is useful for decorating player's base or for stopping spawning of Lureplants and Eyeplants.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Shovels were previously used to dig up Turfs.
  • The Pitchfork was added in the Progress update.
  • It previously cost 30 Science Points to craft and used to have a value of 1-10 Science Points depending on its durability.
  • There is data on a "Golden Pitchfork", but it was never implemented, and no information is given on its use.
  • The player is able to dig the special glowing turf found in the Ruins; however, it will not drop the turf as an item, preventing the player from collecting it.
  • When Wilson examines a Pitchfork, he says, "Maxwell might be looking for this", which is probably a jab at Maxwell being referred to as a demon.
  • When Maxwell examines a Pitchfork, he says, "The tool of choice for perfectionists." This is probably a joke referring to how the Pitchfork is mostly used to move the turf for decoration purposes despite the different kind of turfs having some uses to them.