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Pan Flute
Pan Flute.png
"Music to soothe savage beasts."
Cut Reeds.png × 5Mandrake (item).png × 1Rope.png × 1
Icon Magic.png
10 Uses
Puts nearby mobs to sleep
Stacks up to
Does not stack
Wilson Portrait.png
I can serenade the animals.


Willow Portrait.png
Music is boring.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
I can play folk song.


Wendy Portrait.png
Music is the window to my empty soul.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Hollow reeds with harmonic resonance.


Woodie Portrait.png
I only sing for Lucy.


Waxwell Portrait.png
I'm going to sing a song of madness.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
I prefer tö face my enemies awake.


Webber Portrait.png
A well constructed instrument.


Walani Portrait.png
Plays hypnotic tunes.


Warly Portrait.png
This will be music to something's ears.


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Blankets ye inta a bewitched sleep.


The Pan Flute is a Magic item. It requires 5 Cut Reeds, 1 Mandrake, and 1 Rope to craft, and a Prestihatitator to prototype.

When played, It puts all nearby mobs to sleep, except for those that are incapable of sleeping.

It takes 1 second to begin playing the Pan Flute after clicking it. Mobs will be put into a deeper sleep than usual, allowing the player to move closer to them without waking them up; for example, the Tallbird.

If a mob that was put to sleep is attacked, all of the similar nearby mobs will wake up after a couple of seconds. Mobs sometimes sleep all day after they have been put to sleep by the Pan Flute.

The Pan Flute can be used to get an advantage over enemies, shave Beefalo, or steal Tallbird Eggs and Pengull Eggs. The Pan Flute also complements the Feather Hat when looking for Morsels and Feathers.

Reign of Giants icon.pngReign of Giants

With the Reign of Giants DLC active, the Pan Flute has a 75% chance to be found around the Glommer's Statue.

In the Reign of Giants DLC, players have a small chance of finding Green Gems inside Tumbleweeds, thus making the Pan Flute renewable through the use of a Deconstruction Staff.

Shipwrecked icon.png Shipwrecked

With the Shipwrecked DLC active, the Pan Flute can rarely be found when fishing with the Trawl Net. This makes the Pan Flute renewable in the Shipwrecked DLC, which also means that the item is only non-renewable if using the base game.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Pan Flute is named after Pan, the Greek god of animals and music.
  • The Pan Flute is one of the 6 ways to put mobs to sleep. The others being the Sleep Dart, the Life Giving AmuletWickerbottom's book Sleepytime Stories, and eating or cooking a Mandrake.
  • Using a Pan Flute near a Bird in flight will cause it to fall to the ground, ready to be picked up.

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