Mushroom Lights

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Mushlight Build.png
"The perfect addtion to any mush-Room."
Shroom Skin.png × 1Bucket-o-poop.png × 1
Icon Structures.png
Blueprint (rare).png
Provides Light
Consumes Light Bulbs and Glow Berries
Slows the light source's spoilage

Glowcap build.png
"Inspired by the lava lamp sciences."
Shroom Skin.png × 1Bucket-o-poop.png × 1Boards.png × 1
Icon Structures.png
Blueprint (rare).png
Provides Light
Consumes Light Bulbs, Glow Berries and Mushroom Spores
Slows the light source's spoilage

Wilson Portrait.png
Blue is obviously the most scientific color.


Willow Portrait.png
Pfft, well that was a bright idea.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Tall mushy-room make very pretty light!


Wendy Portrait.png
Such a sickly fungal glow...


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Red and blue spores produce lovely reading light when combined.


Woodie Portrait.png
It illuminates with all the colors of the wind.


Waxwell Portrait.png
A light to repel the encroaching shadow.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
Behold! It blazes bright!


Webber Portrait.png
We love all the colors!


The Mushroom Lights are Don't Starve Together exclusive objects, introduced in A New Reign. They can only be prototyped by learning their respective Blueprint which will be dropped randomly, when a Toadstool is killed.

Both have a 4 slots interface and each slot accepts a single item only, similar to a Crock Pot. In these, players must place Light Bulbs, Glow Berries (or their lesser variant) or Mushroom Spores for the lights to function. The lights also act like an Ice Box and slow down the spoilage of the light sources put inside. Once these perish, they will either be dropped on ground or vanish.


The Mushlight is a basic lamp that only uses Light Bulbs and Glow Berries, having a white light radius. The more bulbs are placed inside, the bigger the light radius will be.


The Glowcap is a more advanced version of the Mushlight, having a more expensive recipe. It will, along with Light Bulbs and Glow Berries, accept Mushroom Spores, which make it glow in Red, Green or Blue depending on the spore. Additionally, by mixing multiple colors in a Glowcap, one can obtain other color tones besides of the former three, plus light bulbs, Such as:

  • Purple= 1 Red Spores, 3 Blue Spore
  • Pink= 3 Light Bulbs, 1 Red Spore
  • Yellow= 2 Red Spores, 2 Green Spores
  • Orange=3 Red Spores, 1 Green Spore
  • White=1 of each spore type, leaving 1 slot empty.
  • Cyan=2 Blue Spores, 2 Green Spores

The more spores of certain color added into the Glowcap, the stronger the color will be visible. Adding Light Bulbs will brighten the color.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Mushlight and the Glowcap were introduced in the Warts and All update.

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