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That looks out-of-place.


Mosaic biomes are typically restricted to one per map (though they also tend to be rather large), and contain a random patchwork of all other biomes within them. A signature of the Mosaic biome is the presence of lakes (several small holes of ocean), identical to the edges of islands, in the appearance of a circular shape or other obscure polygon.

Naturally spawned Rocks and Flint can be found lying on the ground. Mosaic is also the only place in which Graveyards and Cobblestones can be found, aside from the Metal Potato Thing Set Piece.

Mosaic biomes would make excellent homes, if not for the uncommonness of signature biome benefits, such as Tallbirds and Beefalo, due to the considerably small area of each biome region.

Mosaic biomes' main Turf is Forest Turf with some small patches of Marsh Turf, Rocky Turf, Savanna Turf, Turfless ground and Cobblestones can be found, spread out in the entire biome.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together

In Don't Starve Together, Meteors will sometimes fall in the Mosaic biome, so broken Boulders and Moon Rocks can often be found there. Twiggy Trees and Juicy Berry Bushes take the place of Saplings and Berry Bushes in certain worlds. The Rock Den spawns in this biome, often found with multiple Grass Gekkos around it. Herds of No-Eyed Deer will sometimes travel around in this biome from Autumn to late Winter. Also in Winter, the Loot Stash can often be found in this biome.

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