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Eel / Cooked Eel
Eel.png Fire Pit.png Cooked Eel.png
3 8
10 13
0 0
6 Days 10 Days
Stacks up to
40 40
"eel"   "eel_cooked"
Fish.png × 1 Meat.png × 0.5
Fished from Ponds in the Ruins

Wilson Portrait.png
This will make a delicious meal.

Wilson, when examining Eel

Willow Portrait.png
I don't like the look it's giving me!

Willow, when examining Eel

Wolfgang Portrait.png
I must cook this!

Wolfgang, when examining Eel

Wendy Portrait.png
An eel.

Wendy, when examining Eel

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Eel

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
It's an eel.

Wickerbottom, when examining Eel

Woodie Portrait.png
This should cook up nicely.

Woodie, when examining Eel

Waxwell Portrait.png
They only exist in the depths.

Maxwell, when examining Eel

Wigfrid Portrait.png
Deliciöus, slimy snake fish.

Wigfrid, when examining Eel

Webber Portrait.png
Fresh water-snake.

Webber, when examining Eel

Walani Portrait.png
If you squint it's actually kind of cute.

Walani, when examining Eel

Warly Portrait.png

Warly, when examining Eel

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Ye scalawag!

Woodlegs, when examining Eel

Eel is a Meat food item similar to Fish and can be fished in Wilds Ponds found in Ruins. Drying an Eel on a Drying Rack will produce Small Jerky. It can also be used to replace Fish as a prerequisite in Crock Pot recipes. The Pig King will trade five Gold Nuggets per Eel, unlike every other meat which only trades for 1 Gold Nugget.

Eels can be used for obtaining a large amount of gold in a relatively short amount of time, although by the time the player receives a large amount of Eels, they would have almost no need for gold.

Cooked Eel

Wilson Portrait.png
Smells great!

Wilson, when examining Cooked Eel

Willow Portrait.png
Fire improves everything.

Willow, when examining Cooked Eel

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Eel has been cooked.

Wolfgang, when examining Cooked Eel

Wendy Portrait.png
An eel that has been cooked.

Wendy, when examining Cooked Eel

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Cooked Eel

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
This eel has been cooked.

Wickerbottom, when examining Cooked Eel

Woodie Portrait.png
This cooked up nicely.

Woodie, when examining Cooked Eel

Waxwell Portrait.png
It slithers all the way down.

Maxwell, when examining Cooked Eel

Wigfrid Portrait.png
Höt eel!

Wigfrid, when examining Cooked Eel

Webber Portrait.png
We could slurp this down.

Webber, when examining Cooked Eel

Walani Portrait.png
I'm not gonna eat just an eel old thing!

Walani, when examining Cooked Eel

Warly Portrait.png
Could use some cajun spices...

Warly, when examining Cooked Eel

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Grilled urchin!

Woodlegs, when examining Cooked Eel

Cooked Eel is obtained from cooking an Eel at a CampfireFire Pit, or Dwarf Star. It can be used to cook Fishsticks and Fish Tacos or as a filler in a Crock Pot. Like other cooked foods, it cannot be dried on the Drying Rack.

Icon Tools.png Usage

Inventory slot background.pngEel.pngFire Pit.pngInventory slot background.pngCooked Eel.png
Inventory slot background.pngEel.pngDrying Rack.pngInventory slot background.pngSmall Jerky.png
Inventory slot background.pngEels.pngBirdcage.pngInventory slot background.pngEgg.png
Inventory slot background.pngEels.pngPig King Icon.pngInventory slot background.pngGold Nugget.png


Inventory slot background.pngEels.pngInventory slot background.png Lichen.pngInventory slot background.pngFiller.pngInventory slot background.pngFiller.pngCrock Pot.pngInventory slot background.pngUnagi.png
Inventory slot background.pngEels.pngInventory slot background.png Corns.pngInventory slot background.pngTwigs.pngInventory slot background.pngTwigs.pngCrock Pot.pngInventory slot background.pngFish Tacos.png
Inventory slot background.pngEels.pngInventory slot background.png Twigs.pngInventory slot background.pngFiller.pngInventory slot background.pngFiller.pngCrock Pot.pngInventory slot background.pngFishsticks.pngFiller cannot be Twigs. Adding Corn may lead to Fish Tacos.

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