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Don't Starve Together
Don't Starve Together
Klei Entertainment
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox
Action-adventure, survival horror, sandbox, roguelike
Multiplayer (Survival, Endless and Wilderness modes)

Don't Starve Together adds the highly requested multiplayer feature to Don't Starve. It was originally scheduled to come out in Summer 2014,[1] though a specific date was not given. However, sign-ups for a limited-access, closed Beta were released. It came out on Mac and Linux after being finalized on Windows.

Starting December 15, 2014, Don't Starve Together Beta was in Steam Early Access, and on June 3, 2015, Don't Starve Together Early Access was released for free to owners of Don't Starve on Steam. It left early access and was fully released on April 21, 2016. Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together can be bought individually or as a bundle.

Other Don't Starve Together games and versions

Console Edition

Don't Starve Together: Console Edition is the PlayStation 4 port of Don't Starve Together.


Don't Starve Together has multiple ways to play with others: LAN, network, and matchmaking play. Many items have been balanced or removed in order to keep the game fair. Game mode and PvP are optional by the server operator. Dedicated, player-hosted and LAN servers are available, and chat is global or local depending on the server admin's preference. A type of server called "Friends Only" allows a server to be created whereby the only people who can join have to be on the hosting player's Steam friends list. Many console commands have changed or been removed for DST.

Game Modes

There are three game modes: Survival, Wilderness, and Endless. Additional game modes are possible with the use of mods.

Survival is the default mode. It is a more difficult cooperative mode. Each player that dies becomes a Ghost Character that drains the sanity of living players by 3.3/min (up to 10/min total). Each player can resurrect themselves at the Touch Stone once. Resurrection by other players using a Telltale Heart incurs a maximum-health penalty, which can be cured with Booster Shots. Other resurrection alternatives like Life Giving Amulet or Meat Effigy will require magic. When all players are dead, a 120-second timer starts, and the world resets if no players are revived in that time.

Wilderness mode spawns players in random locations across the map. Players that die are returned to the character select screen, allowing them to respawn in a new random location as a new character with their map progress wiped. This is the only mode where players can respawn as a different character. Resurrection items don't exist, and the Touch Stone will not resurrect players. The world never resets.

Endless mode is a more relaxed mode that doesn't force players to cooperate. The world never resets, and ghost players may resurrect themselves at the spawn portal as many times as they wish, incurring a maximum-health penalty each time, similar to death in Survival mode.


The dialogue box that appears when everyone has died.

Main article: Ghost Characters

Ghost Players are a new feature that introduces the ability to live after death, although in a downgraded state. Whenever a player dies, a skeleton spawns at their death point. Their inventory is dropped, and they become a ghost. Upon death, WX-78 also loses its upgrades.

A Telltale Heart.

Ghosts can Haunt items and structures, possibly setting objects on fire, or affecting them in some other way. A ghost can be resurrected using a Touch Stone, Meat Effigy, Life Giving Amulet, Telltale Heart. If the server is set to Endless mode, players may also resurrect through the Florid Postern Portal. Resurrection from death incurs penalties, and respawning from a Telltale Heart or the Florid Postern Portal will apply an additional 25% maximum health penalty on the player, which caps at 75% maximum health points (leaving the player with 25%). The health lost to this penalty can be restored by 25% using a Booster Shot. In Survival Mode, living players will suffer a continuous 3.3/min sanity drain for each ghost (up to 10/min total).


Don't Starve Together features Caves and Ruins, which must be toggled on via a tab in the Server Creation menu. The Caves and Ruins now share the same map level, since separate servers are required to run a map level. The current build includes content from Reign of Giants and A New Reign. Shipwrecked is not implemented in DST, but some mods make a portion of the content available.

Thermal stones now have durability, intended to represent cracks formed as a result of heating and cooling. Armor has less durability (by 30%) and can no longer be multiplicatively stacked as before; the game now uses the better armor's absorption and then divides the damage absorbed between the two worn armors weighted by their absorption. The Pan Flute now has the ability to knock other players besides the user unconscious for a short time, if PVP is enabled.

Due to gears being a less available resource, WX-78 now starts with 150 health, sanity, and hunger, but each set of gears provide less of an upgrade (still bringing him to 300/400/200 overall after 15 upgrades).

Willow has a large part of her advantages (and a few disadvantages) removed. These changes were mainly added due to the abuse of Willow burning things or attacking players in their first day. Willow's fire damage reduction is now only 50%, instead of 100%. Her lighter now lasts 1.25 days, but can be crafted. Willow no longer creates fires at low sanity and has a 10% boost on sanity gained from fire. However, this entire modification has created a generally negative response from the community. On June 3, 2015, Willow received more changes. She now gets colder when insane, is completely immune to fire for the first three seconds of exposure, can cook with her lighter (reducing its durability by 1%), can craft her lighter with fewer materials and starts the game with Bernie, the stuffed bear seen in her portrait.

Woodie's Wood meter is now present at all times, which serves to warn players of the Werebeaver; once the Wood meter reaches 25, the transformation occurs. Woodie can eat Grass, Twigs, and Logs to replenish the Wood meter. The Werebeaver loses many of its benefits, discouraging its usability for griefing and PvP. The Werebeaver now shares Woodie's Health and Sanity meters, and the Wood meter replaces the Hunger meter. Letting the Wood meter reach zero induces the same health drain as letting the Hunger meter reach zero. Death in the Werebeaver form is true death; Woodie becomes a beaver-looking ghost but still cannot use the map, making it harder to revive oneself. His sanity drains incredibly quickly, about 3/second, making it far less beneficial to stay transformed. To turn back into Woodie the player must get the Wood meter back to 100. However, the Werebeaver can no longer eat Pine Cones, Grass Tufts, Saplings and the like. To make up for the changes, Woodie gains Sanity from planting trees, and Lucy the Axe cannot be used or even picked up by other players. During a Full Moon, Woodie instantly transforms into the Werebeaver as he would normally in Don't Starve. However, during the Full Moon, the Wood meter decreases rapidly, even after the player has managed to fill the meter and exit Werebeaver state, making it rather difficult, but possible, to obtain Glommer's Flower. The rate at which the wood meter depletes is unknown.

Maxwell now comes only with his Codex Umbra and 6 Nightmare Fuel. His Sanity boost has been reduced from 20/min to 6.67/min. The Shadow Tab was added, in which one can craft the Codex and different types of puppets. Puppets cost 2 Nightmare Fuel, a tool matching their action, and 20% (worker) or 35% (duelist) of Maxwell's maximum sanity.

Many mobs have had their health increased:

DST Health Rebalances
Enemy DS health DST health
Werepig 350 700
Pig Guard 300 600
Merm 250 500
MacTusk 150 300
Clockwork Knight 300 900
Clockwork Bishop 300 900
Clockwork Rook 300 900
Beefalo 500 1000
Koalefant 500 1000
Spider Warrior 200 400
Treeguard (small) 1400 2100
Treeguard (medium) 2000 3000
Treeguard (large) 2500 3750
Moose/Goose 3000 6000
Dragonfly 2750 27500
Bearger 3000 6000
Deerclops 2000 4000
Tallbird 400 800
Teenbird 300 600
Krampus 200 300
Spider Queen 1250 2500
Ancient Guardian 2500 10000
Slurtle 600 1200
Volt Goat 350 700
Buzzard 125 250
Cave Spider 150 225
Spitter 175 350
Big Tentacle 500 750
Rock Lobster 1500 3000
Mosling 350 525

New Entities

Several new entities were added to rebalance characters, giants, and seasonal mechanics for the multiplayer aspect of the game:


Sleeping has been significantly changed. Normally, when going to sleep, the day would fast-forward to sunrise and replenish health and sanity at the cost of hunger upon waking up. However, when on a server, sleeping will not fast forward to sunrise but will instead leave the player unable to move and unaffected by the night monster. This will replenish health and sanity while draining hunger faster than normal over time; the rate at which will be dependent on what type of structure or item was used to sleep. When using a normal sleeping item, the player can wake themselves up by trying to move. If the player was put to sleep (pan flute, cooking a mandrake, etc.), they will reawaken after a small amount of time. The player will always wake up if hunger reaches 0.


The Map has been modified to include a fog of war, preventing players to see changes to remote locations in the map. Each player's explored areas are tracked separately, however players can share their exploration with others using Map Scrolls.


Players communicate and express themselves through two chat modes: global chat (accessed via "Y" key by default) and local "whisper" chat (accessed via "U" key by default). Global chat is seen by all players, whether they are up on the Surface world or down inside Caves. Whispered messages, on the other hand, can only be seen by players who are in the vicinity of the speaker. Whispered chat looks the same as global chat, but the word "Whisper" is displayed before it.


Emotes are used by entering their respective commands in chat: /sad, /cry, /annoyed, /rude, /bye, /angry, /happy, /kiss, /bonesaw, /dance, /wave, /facepalm, /joy, /pose, /sit, and /squat. Each emote will trigger an animation by the player's character.

Special skin emotes such as /yawn and /sleepy, or /eyerub, are rewarded to players who have certain sets of Skin items in their collection.

In addition, special Loyal quality emotes exist, such as /swoon.


Attacking players, giving players items, and reviving ghosts is tracked by the game and can impact what other characters say about said player when inspecting them. For example, if Willow were to inspect a harmless Wilson she would say, "Hi (playername)!". But had he been attacking someone, she would say, "Why, (playername)... that fire in your eyes!" Or if a player has been reviving other players, she will say "(playername) won't leave anyone behind.".


Main article: Mods

A new developer, Peter, has been hired almost solely for Modding. Don't Starve Together supports mods, yet many of them that rewrite core Don't Starve code must update to the new DST format. In DST, there are three kinds of mods:

  • client-only, which are enabled by each player individually and used on any server. These usually make changes to the interface.
  • server-only, which must be enabled on the server, but no joining players need to download. These usually make small changes to game mechanics, such as changing the timing of things, or scaling creature stats.
  • all-clients, which all players on a server need to have. The Steam Workshop automatically handles downloading and enabling these for players when they join a server with an all-clients mod enabled. These mods can change almost anything about the game.


Main article: Skins

A new feature of Don't Starve Together is the option to change the appearance of players' characters with different Skins. For example, players are able to customize pants, shirts, shoes, gloves, and facial appearance for their character. Players can choose what Skins their character will wear in-game in the Character Select screen, and they can change their Skins in-game using a Wardrobe. Skins are for aesthetics-use only and do not have a function in-game, apart from enabling Skin emotes. All Skins are non-gender-specific.

Skins are obtainable through random drops while playing the game, up to 4 per week. The weekly reset occurs around 1pm PST every Thursday, right before Klei's weekly Twitch broadcast.

Skins exist of various types and of various rarities, providing a strong sense of individuality to players. Some Skins are character-specific and drop very rarely. Others exist for items and structures, such as for Backpacks and Chests. Some Skins are only obtainable through special means.

A New Reign

Main article: A New Reign

A New Reign part 1.

A free DLC originally called Through the Ages was announced for Spring 2015, and contains new content specifically made for multiplayer, such as mounting Beefalo using saddles.[2] However, due to complications with implementing Cave biomes, Klei pushed back the release date. After the Caves made their way into DST and the game went out of Early Access, the DLC was once again announced, now under the name "A New Reign", and is being distributed as a frequent, ongoing series of updates.[3] Some of the features that are officially part of the DLC were incorporated into the game via update on December 23, 2015, much earlier than the Beta Launch of the DLC, August 11, 2016.

Resource Swaps

Berry Bushes, Grass Tufts, and Saplings now each have an alternate form (Juicy Berry Bushes, Grass Gekkos, and Twiggy Trees, respectively). The alternate forms can co-exist with normal forms, providing additional methods of obtaining the respective resource, or an alternative resource in the case of Juicy Berry Bushes.

Plants that have been dug up and replanted can become Diseased, which can then spread to nearby plants if the diseased plant is not disposed of. Additionally, sometimes an area will gradually have all of its trees petrified, after which they must be mined instead of chopped. Petrified Trees drop Rocks, Flint and Nitre when mined, similar to Boulders.

Beefalo Domestication

Wilson riding a Beefalo in a teaser.

Beefalo can now be domesticated. While in the process of domestication, they can be ridden using a Saddle. The Saddlehorn aids in keeping saddles undamaged, and the Brush helps with the domestication process. The Salt Lick keeps the obedience of Beefalo high. See Beefalo - Don't Starve Together for more information.

Cyclum Puzzles

Main article: Cyclum Puzzles

With the official release of the game, a new comic was released in which one must complete a series of puzzles to keep following along. The story takes place right after the ending of the adventure mode, when Wilson frees Maxwell from the throne. It is revealed that Charlie saved Wilson from the throne and sent him back to the Wilderness, taking the throne for herself and thus becoming the main antagonist of Don't Starve Together.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The way Wilson creates the multiplayer portal (shown below) is similar to how he created Maxwell's Door, both of which bring people in to the world of Don't Starve. Silhouettes of Wendy, Wes, and Wolfgang can be seen in the portal.
    • The Cyclum puzzles reveal that Maxwell assisted Wilson while creating the Jury-Rigged Portal, which was destroyed by Charlie right after being turned on and was replaced with the Florid Postern.
  • Each character has a unique ghost transformation.
  • The Tell-Tale Heart is a reference to Edgar Allan Poe's famous short story of the same name.
  • Klei developers Seth and Mark have hinted at several characters being possibly released. The main problem, it seems, was "making the characters that already exist work" but they do have a backlog of characters to possibly add.
  • The emote /bonesaw or /ready is a reference to the Spiderman film. There was a scene where Spiderman is in a cage match and the opponent, Bonesaw, exclaims vehemently, "Bonesaw is ready!" Seth likes this scene.
  • Although roughly 40 people work at Klei Entertainment, about 12 people are working on Don't Starve Together. The following names were mentioned on the Klei Devcast as members of this team: Vito (V2C), Kaj (bizziboi), Alex, Nabia, Grem, Seth (SethR), Mark (MarkL), Mike, Peter (PeterA) and Paul.
  • As an easter egg, there is a hidden 'Dab' emote that can only be activated using the Console. The command is: ThePlayer.AnimState:PlayAnimation("emote_dab_pre")

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