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A glass of milk with every supper.


There are 2 basic Dairy food items in-game, neither of which have a cooked version.

TabTools.png Usage

There is also 1 Crock Pot recipe that requires Dairy products to be made. (There is 1 additional recipe in the Reign of Giants DLC Reign of Giants icon.png and 2 additional recipes (and one in which Dairy is optional) in the Shipwrecked DLC Shipwrecked icon.png.)

Dairy Crock Pot Meals

Food Name DLC Health Hunger Sanity Perish time (days) Cook time (sec) Priority Recipe
Requirements* Filler
Coffee.png Coffee Shipwrecked icon.png +3 +9.375 -5 10 10 30 Cooked Coffee Beans.png×3 only Dairy product.pngSweetener.png or Cooked Coffee Beans.png
Fresh Fruit Crepes.png Fresh Fruit Crepes Shipwrecked icon.png +60 +150 +15 10 20 30 Fruit.png×2.0 Butter.pngx1 Honey.pngx1 Cooked in Portable Crock Pot.png
Ice Cream.png Ice Cream Reign of Giants icon.png 0 +25 +50 3 10 10 Dairy product.png×1.0 Ice.png×1 Sweetener.png×1 no Meats.pngAll Eggs.pngVegetables.pngTwigs.png
Lobster Dinner.png Lobster Dinner Shipwrecked icon.png +60 +37.5 +50 15 20 25 Wobster.pngButter.png no Meats.pngIce.png
Waffles.png Waffles +60 +37.5 +5 6 10 10 Butter.png×1 All Eggs.png×1.0 Berry.png×1