Ancient Pseudoscience Station

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Ancient Pseudoscience Station
Tool Required
See below
No (Yes Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Common Biomes

Ancient Pseudoscience Station
Broken Pseudoscience Station Build.png
Tool Required
See below
No (Yes Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Common Biomes

Wilson Portrait.png
An ancient and mysterious structure.


Willow Portrait.png
Oooo! An afterlife intercom.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Is nasty, creepy altar.


Wendy Portrait.png
It is full of the echoes of the dead.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
A monument to some long dead god.


Woodie Portrait.png
There's axe marks on these altar stones.


Waxwell Portrait.png
Where are their gods now?


Wigfrid Portrait.png
These crafts had better be gööd.


Webber Portrait.png
Old and full of mysteries.


Walani Portrait.png
This is giving me major jeepers.


Warly Portrait.png
A structure from antiquity.


Woodlegs Portrait.png
A statue from ye old times.


Winona Portrait.png
Some incredible stuff could be assembled here.


An Ancient Pseudoscience Station (or Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station) is a Crafting Structure found only in the Ruins. It gives access to the Ancient Crafting Tab, but is usually found in its "Broken" state, which offers only seven (7) of the fourteen (14) Crafting recipes. Both versions of the Ancient Pseudoscience Station can be damaged and destroyed by either the player (when using a Hammer) or by a Damaged Rook (after ramming into it), causing it to drop loot or spawn enemies. A Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station can also be repaired using Thulecite or Thulecite Fragments.

A Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station will be completely destroyed after 2 hits from a Hammer (if it hasn't already been damaged by a Rook or the player). A fully repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station will be completely destroyed after 10 hits from a Hammer. When struck with a Hammer, lightning will strike the player and the Ancient Pseudoscience Station will either drop loot or spawn enemies. Building a Lightning Rod nearby will divert the lightning.

A Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station can be repaired with a total of 32 Thulecite Fragments. Thulecite can also be used to repair and will count as 6 fragments. A fully repaired station offers all 14 Ancient crafting recipes. It is possible to keep destroying/repairing a station for the purpose of farming items, but enemies have a much higher chance to spawn than any of the loot. Damaging Ancient Pseudoscience Stations is a great way to acquire all types of Gravedigger Trinkets.

Being near either type of Ancient Pseudoscience Station will cause it to light up, protecting the player from being attacked by Charlie. During the Nightmare Phase of the Nightmare Cycle, the gems on a fully repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station will glow red (the broken version is missing the gems).

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together

In Don't Starve Together, killing the Ancient Fuelweaver will cause all the Broken and Repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Stations to respawn. Additionally, destroying the Ancient Pseudoscience Station with a Hammer will not cause a lightning to strike. Broken Pseudoscience Stations require 36 Thulecite Fragments or 6 Thulecite to repair.

Crafting Recipes

A Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station

A Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station offers 7 Ancient Crafting recipes (half that of a fully repaired station):

A fully repaired Ancient Pseudoscience Station offers 14 Ancient Crafting recipes (including the 7 listed above):

Item Drops

All item drops are random.

Item Amount Chance Item Amount Chance
Marble Suit.png
Marble Suit 1 0.056%
Nightmare Amulet.png
Nightmare Amulet 1 0.112%
Dapper Vest.png
Dapper Vest 1 0.056%
The Lazy Forager.png
The Lazy Forager 1 0.112%
Snurtle Shell Armour.png
Snurtle Shell Armour 1 0.056%
Construction Amulet.png
Construction Amulet 1 0.112%
Meat Effigy.png
Meat Effigy 1 0.112%
Magiluminescence 1 0.112%
Ice Staff.png
Ice Staff 1 0.112%
Red Gem.png
Red Gem 1 0.558%
Fire Staff.png
Fire Staff 1 0.112%
Blue Gem.png
Blue Gem 1 0.558%
Telelocator Staff.png
Telelocator Staff 1 0.112%
Orange Gem.png
Orange Gem 1 0.558%
Orange Staff.png
The Lazy Explorer 1 0.112%
Green Gem.png
Green Gem 1 0.558%
Deconstruction Staff.png
Deconstruction Staff 1 0.112%
Purple Gem.png
Purple Gem 1 0.558%
Star Caller's Staff.png
Star Caller's Staff 1 0.112%
Gears 1 11.167%
Life Giving Amulet.png
Life Giving Amulet 1 0.112%
Gravedigger Trinkets 4 11.167%
Chilled Amulet.png
Chilled Amulet 1 0.112%
Thulecite 1 0.112%

Mob Spawns (and misc.)

Note that enemies have a higher chance of spawning, as they are the Ancient Pseudoscience Station's defense mechanism.

Mob Spawns Amount Chance Mob Spawns Amount Chance
Crawling Horror.png
Crawling Nightmares 1 12.284%
Cave Spider.png
Cave Spider 2 11.167%
Nightmarebeaks 1 12.284%
Spitter 2 11.167%
Baby Tentacle.png
Baby Tentacles 6 ???
Dwarf Star.png
Dwarf Star 1 1.675%
Splumonkey 3 11.167%
Health Up.png
Health Increase +25
Player Health
Batilisk 5 11.167%
Health Down.png
Health Decrease -10
Player Health

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