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Ancient Mural
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Common Biomes

Ancient Murals are Don't Starve Together objects, introduced in A New Reign. They are present in the Atrium Biome, appearing in bigger quantities near the Ancient Gateway. Their only purpose is to be inspected for a set of 5 different quotes for each character, giving away part of the history of the Ancient Civilization

Upon reading a mural, the character will say their first quote. Reading the same mural will always give the same quote. In order to get the second one, the player must find another Mural, and so on. After getting the 5º inspection, the next one will cycle back to the first.


1º Mural- Depicts an old and underdeveloped civilization, composed of Insect(or likely Arthropod) people. They live in misery, suffering from hunger and fear. All before they discovered Nightmare Fuel

2º Mural- Something mysterious happens to said civilization. No character is able to decipher what is depicted.

3º Mural- Depicts the Nightmare Fuel taking upon the civilization, drowning it in darkness and giving the people enviable power.

4º Mural- Depicts the people shedding their skins and leaving their external body. Changing completely their appearance.

5º Mural- Depicts a massively advanced civilization, with high technology and prosperity. All the problems seem to be solved. This appears to be after the Nightmare Fuel and the advent of the Thulecite and before their eventual destruction due to the overuse of the same fuel.

Per Character Examines:

1º Mural-


Woodie: "It's an old drawing of strange creatures."

Wolfgang: "Is picture of many sad, weak people."

Wilson: "It depicts an old civilization. The people look hungry and scared."

Willow: "It's got a picture of some gross looking people."

Wickerbottom: "An ancient mural of a non-mammalian civilization."

Wendy: "A people struck by famine and sorrow."

Webber: "It's a picture of some bug people."

Maxwell: "A picture of the city, before the fuel."

Wigfrid: "Tis a portrait of an ancient people. They live in wretchedness."

2º Mural-


Woodie: "Nothin' of interest left here."

Wolfgang: "Cannot tell what was picture of."

Wilson: "This tablet is too worn to make out."

Willow: "Can't tell what that was a picture of."

Wickerbottom: "This mural panel is too eroded to decipher."

Wendy: "A piece of their story, lost to time."

Webber: "This picture's all messed up."

Maxwell: "We all know what happens next."

Wigfrid: "There is no painting here. Only stone."

3º Mural-


Woodie: "Black muck is covering everything in this drawing."

Wolfgang: "In picture darkness covers sad, weak people."

Wilson: "Something dark creeps over the city and its people."

Willow: "I think someone spilled ink on this picture."

Wickerbottom: "A dark shadow, or perhaps a substance, overtakes the civilization."

Wendy: "They are consumed by darkness."

Webber: "There's a lot of black goop in this picture."

Maxwell: "They gained such an enviable power..."

Wigfrid: "A great evil sweeps across the land."

4º Mural-


Woodie: "Don't look at this one, Lucy."

Wolfgang: "Monsters is bursting out of them!"

Wilson: "The people are shedding their skins. They look different underneath."

Willow: "Oh, gross! The people're losing their skin in this one!"

Wickerbottom: "The citizens molt from their exoskeletons in this panel."

Wendy: "Then, rebirth."

Webber: "A picture of bug people escaping their bug outsides!"

Maxwell: "I know why you led me back here."

Wigfrid: "Many of the people are cleaved in two!"

5º Mural-


Woodie: "Looks like a bustling city."

Wolfgang: "Is picture of very pretty place."

Wilson: "It shows a massive, technologically advanced city."

Willow: "It's just a picture of a city."

Wickerbottom: "The city appears exponentially more prosperous."

Wendy: "Finally, a city, full of life."

Webber: "A picture of a city. It looks like a nice place to live."

Maxwell: "But it won't work."

Wigfrid: "A glittering city, blessed by the gods."

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Ancient Murals and other elements present in the Atrium seem to be made of a material different from Thulecite.
    • The Atrium Ancient Statues are an exception to this, having their inside made of Thulecite. Although this may be a reference to the 4º Mural inspection.